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Lunch and Dinner Options

Choose from:

cash advances*

restaurants and take outs with in walking distance

Cash Advances

Should your company be covering the cost of your meals we can provide a cash allowance*, which you can use to purchase dinner from one of thee many food options with in walking distance of Little Scotia. 

* VAT must be deducted from the invoiced amount when calculating the value issued to the guest. 

With in Walking distance

There is a variety of food options available with in walking distance of Little Scotia

Hussar Grill (less than a minutes walk) - the oldest steak house in Cape Town
Active Sushi
Tiki Tonga
Vida e Cafe

Woolworths Food store
Andiccio Pizza
Freebird burgers

Burger King
 Chinese restaurant
Down South Food Bar
Star Bucks Coffee (5 min walk - Furthest destination listed)


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